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Corporate Immigration

We’ve worked with organisations in various industries and assisted them with advice surrounding licensing obligations, immigration, prevention of illegal employment and compliance audits. Our work involves providing you with holistic strategic advice that would assist not only in obtaining licences, but also maintaining them and preparing for UKVI audits

Tier 2 and Tier 4 Licensing

From 2021 all organisations, small and large will be required to obtain a licence in order to recruit and employ foreign workers. A licence is also required should an international organisation wish to move staff from one of their international offices to a branch office in the UK.


Similarly, educational providers are also required to obtain a licence before they sponsor international students. Before a license is granted UK Visas and Immigration need to satisfy themselves that your organisation is genuine and that you have relevant record keeping and monitoring processes in place to ensure compliance with their guidelines.


Our work involves advising you on these requirements, the process, timescales and documentary evidence required.


We provide tailored training to organisations, which will usually include a review of the organisation’s systems, its recruitment procedures, its record keeping procedures, mock audits in preparation for UKVI visits and reports on measures and steps that need to be taken to improve internal processes.

Suspension/Revocation of Tier 2/4 Licence

Once a licence is granted there are a number of duties and responsibilities that an organisation needs to meet. UK Visas and Immigration carry out announced and unannounced visits during the tenure of the licence to ensure compliance. Major or minor breaches of the sponsor guidance can result in suspension or even revocation of a licence. We have years of experience successfully challenging these adverse decisions and negotiating with UK Visas and Immigration on behalf of our clients.

Representative of an overseas business

International organisations that have no presence in the UK and are considering establishing a presence may do so by sending a senior member of their staff to carry out this expansion.

Business Visit Visas

We regularly advise organisations on what visitors can and cannot do whilst in the UK. The UK is a hub for international organisations and members of their staff regularly travel to the UK to attend meetings or train staff or carry out a number of other activities that may be or may not be spelt out in the guidelines. It is important to take advice on what is permissible.

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